Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Looking towards a creative New Year.

 My brain is working overtime at the moment, I have so many projects planned in my head so need to get down to getting them out in the world. The main focus has been getting my website up and running. Which has come to a bit of a halt. Got all the pages done but having trouble with the shop bit.i will get there.
Mean while I have ideas for an artist book and another book sculpture. Which I'm hope to start in the next couple of days. Just to give myself more to do I have joined two one line classes.
This is a year long class,where you are shown how to make a differant book structure every month and then given prompts and suggestions to fill the pages with the help of different teachers showing techniques. Did a little taster in Dec and really enjoyed it. This type of Journaling is new to me and I'm having to learn to alow myself to make mistakes and not worry about how I think it looks. Although haven't produced anything earth shattering I'm learning a lot about myself and my art.

The second class I'm taking is called Sketch your life. 
Not got too far in at the moment but I'm hoping to find more encouragement to sketch more regularly.
Still making the book too and will be putting more or Esty soon and the website ( hopefully) 

One of the latest books 
Happy New Year one and all see you on the other side!!