Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Revisiting my images

Over the last few months I have been taking stock of my many photos and been using some to start some projects myself. I have taken photos for years starting at art collage where I was able to develop my own film. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to find prints or negatives from then. That is another project to tidy the loft and go through all the photos I have stored up there. As it happens I don’t to look to far for some of my older digital photos. these are my earlier blogs which has lots of my earlier images.

Some of the images have been printed and mounted and with be soon on sale in my Etsy Shop. They are also available on my table at craft fairs. 

I am also working on a new inspirational deck. “Intuitive Adventures “. This deck has 40 cards with images of places and things that inspired me. It is designed for creatives and people who have daily mindful practices. The deck will come as a kit. Included will be a small easel a jute bag and a small hand made note book. 
More about this soon. 

Monday, 23 April 2018

Dance first think later........

About 3 million years ago I was a morris dancer with a side call Wharfedale Wayzgoose. Now at the tender age of, hell I'm so old I forgot, have rejoin them. This time as a musician ( I use the word loosely) playing my Bass Ukulele. 
wharfedale wayzgoose, Upton, mrs death

That’s me on the left as “mrs death” and I was at that point “marrying” Jude to Graham with an edible ring.
The hat didn’t survive through the years so a complete new one is now in progress. The tabard faired better and I have used as much of the old one as I could.
wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard front, old,
This was how it looked when I dragged it out of the loft.
The badges and rags were all removed and cleaned. Then with the help of a friend (she sewed on a new goose) while I sewed on the rags.

wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard front, new,

wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard, back, new

Still some work to do on it, have a bag full of badges to use on the front. 

wharfedale wayzgoose, hat, new, w.i.p,

The hat still very much a work in progress. Have a collection of stuff that may or may not end up on it.

Watch this space will post more about Hat as it goes on. 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Design your own badge with page Books ............

Recently I invested in a badge making machine, the idea being to take to craft fairs and supliment my main stock.
Getting people to design and draw out a badge design then I would make them in to a badge for them to take away.
Badge, design your own, children, activity,

Above are some examples of what my grand children did for the stall poster.

Mother’s Day, badge, love mum

mothers day, best mum, badge, keyring
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lavender, badge, keyring. mirror
These were some designed for Mother’s Day. 

easter, badge, bunny, chick, eggs

These are what I came up with for Easter complete with evil chick!

badges, comics, beano,

Some badges I made from the “Beano” this was a comic my Grandad used to buy me every week but this is a modern issue.

cat, badge, keyring

This is the the first of my slogan badges.

pin, keyring, magnet, mirror

The different sizes and types of backings I can make. As well as pin backs I have mirrors, magnets and keyrings.

badge, personalised, childminder, rainbow, rabbit, mouse.

personalise badge, telephone number,

These ones are designed for parents and childminders for use when they take their children out in case they get lost. 

I’m open to any ideas as to what else I can use the badges for. Please contact me at 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Oracle card challenge............

For the month of March, I took on the challenge of creating an Oracle deck from a prompt every day. For more details see  Kriston from

Here are some from this month so far 

Most of the cards are hand drawn with coloured pencils and then photographed and put into Procreate and arranged on a template of a card. Procreate doesn’t have text and my calligraphy skills leave a lot to be desired so I have been usingAffinity photo for the text this is an app that is new to me and I haven’t had the time to work it out yet which means I then export the text to an app call eraser. The text is then added to the template. I have then made another template of my drawing board and pencil to sit the cards in. When the whole deck is finished I’ll print it out. 

This is a time lapse video of all cards been made so far. The cards are made all in one file. This is my first time doing a time lapse video and I wasn’t careful about which way my iPad was and the last few are upside down 

This time lapse is the cards going on to the finished daily image 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Snow days.

Despite the the title there are no pictures of snow. The Uk has been almost at a stand still with the weather and the internet has 100s of pictures of the snow, so is just a brief tale of my snow days. Due to the Weather I took to my bed. Its warmer there so I was following the heat. 
 My cat came to join me and occasionally lent a paw. Lots of computer work and drawing got done.

One of the drawing I did, my cat Wolfgang (wolf). Yes I know I could only see his back end most of the time. So had to use a photo. Recently I have been using coloured pencils to draw with, ordinary pencils and watercolour pencils. Not sure which I prefer as yes yet both have there good and bad points.

This week was also the beginning of a new daily challenge this one only lasting a month. The idea is to create an oracle card a day from the prompts given. This is run by Kristen from over the moon academy. Look for otm_academy on instagram and join in so far been a lot of fun. Not having any blank cards I did drawings in a sketchbook and the digital made the cards. 

Been a useful exercise as I have used it to experiment with some new (new to me) software. Affinity photo, not that intuitive but promises to be a substitute forPhotoshop. So far its been many using for adding text, but putting some effort into learning it I'm sure will pay dividends.

Been a useful exercise as I have used it to experiment with some new (new to me) software. Affinity photo, not that intuitive but promises to be a substitute forPhotoshop. So far its been many using for adding text, but putting some effort into learning it I'm sure will pay dividends.

Still doing the daily sketch as well not always happy withe the results but they are what they are and as they are quick sketches or artwork that only takes around 10 mins. Next week I'm going to join another challenge to draw 100 people in a week. 
Watch this space will let you know how I get on, I might also give an up date on which type of coloured pencils I go for and see if I get to use Affinity Photo more or stick with Procreate.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Crafty business

Just a short one this week as I have been sorting my craft fair stuff out and getting stock ready for my first craft fair of the year. Not done a lot else.
Firstly the teabages I showed you guys last week got finished.

Did you guess? I made them into lavender bags. As much as I like tea they now smell a lot better that the when they were tea bags

I made a few badges and mirrors up for Mother’s Day gifts.

The badge machine is proving to be good.  As well as badges, I can also make fridge magnets and keyrings

Today was the first craft fair of the year. Was very quiet but was good fun.

My stall and some examples of the “design your own badge” badges. 
That’s all for now.
Watch this space. 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A little slow this week.....

It’s been one of these weeks when I ve spent ages doing stuff but then not much to show for it. It was also half term and my day for looking after the grand kids was changed. The beginning of the week I was working on an order that I can’t show here yet until it has been delivered.  Then had a day with the kids. They were well behaved and we had fun but I was bloody knackered when I got home.
Then I spent some time at Henshaws and along with my sister Sara and friend Jayne drawing. Recently I had bought a large set of caran cache water colour pencils. In the past I had used them in a small way but had decided that I should make the most of this investment all be it that I had bought in the Black Friday sale. I watched a few videos and decided to have a go. This months nibblefest comp is all about African animals so to kill two birds with one stone thought I’d practise using that theme.

Was pleased with the results.
Still a lot to learn but had to put the drawing to one side as have a craft fair in a week and needed to start making some stock. This one is the Mother’s Day one so trying to gear stuff towards that.
The sets of note books I made. These are also in my Etsy store.
This is a work in progress lots to do to it, will post the finished items when done. Do you know what they are going to be?

Also a few badges made from a comic.I have some mother’s day badges to make up as well. A few key rings and magnets in the pipeline with my designs on. 
I’ll be back soon, watch this space.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

....... there and back again.

This week is going so fast not as yet made it into my studio but at least have been doing bits and bobs in front of tv ie. my daily sketch and a little photo editing. The being of the week I’m often envoled in things with other people and on Wednesday I look after my grand daughter. 

Yesterday had a great day out with my eldest daughter, we had a trip out to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Although it’s not far from where I live I have never managed to get there. It’s set at the side of the Calder and Hebble Navigation canal.

The first view of the building with an old barge and the orange buoys marking out where the weir starts.

Water terrifies me and fascinates me in equal amounts. 
I love old barges but would never step onto one.

We passed this scary guy on the way over the bridge to the gallery, perhaps it’s Neptune ? Well he has got a crown!

The galley is modern and there is a feeling of it being spacious. The Artists featured in the gallery are in the main modern artists and Yorkshire artists are well represented. They included Henry More, David Hockney and of cause Barbara Hepworth. Hepworth was born in Wakefield and the gallery is build around a collection of her tools and there’s a whole gallery showing her process and explains different types of casting. 

Some examples of Hepworth work.

We paid a visit to the cafe where we had some impressive roast artichoke soup. Yum yum. Then called in the gift shop and I bought some Oracle cards. I’m doing the “Pull pen paint  class run by Kiala Givehand so thought I’d like to get a new pack. This pack is based around famous artists.