Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Back again

It has been a long time since I last posted a blogg. Not that I have stopped making books or art just that I have been too busy (lazy). Had plenty going on lots of craft fairs an open studio event and an arts festival. All with varying success. Last year on of the things I did was a sketch a day in a moleskine diary. This wasn't a complete success, I did every day until October ish then started to fall behind and doing some every so often so there are big gaps in it. This year I'm doing it again but not placing any restrictions this time. Some days it can be just trying out new paints or media,general play and not restricted to 10mins.  Just one of the books I have made recently This year I need to do more with the painting and design area. Have completed a small set off pictures using photos,plaster and ink then used wax on the top. Have also started to do artist trading cards (a.t.c)  Have sold a few it's a great way of collect art. This was a multi page one A selection of the others Found myself with a lot of book pages left over so as well as the a.t.cs I have painted on them and mounted them.  The cow and calf  Various others. Have also updated my Redbubble page more making the old stuff on there, fit better. But it's a start, next is to open a folkies store.  I intend to keep this blog more up to date. The aim is to post at least once a week, hmmmmmm we'll see how that goes !!