Friday, 29 December 2017

........ a year in the life of a book artist.

Like must people my Year has been one of ups and downs. On the whole the ups win. Here are a few of the events.
January had me designing some stamps for my silhoette mint. These were part of a project for my friend Ruth  She is a photographer and I have been making small bespoke boxes to keep memory sticks in, for her wedding clients. 

Couple of the ones I have made for her, the all so have the couples name and the date on the top.

January also saw the arrival of the two newest members of the family, Arthur and Sid.

It was only this year I started drawing A.T.Cs and then later in year went on to drawing on postcards which lead to a weird series of Whimsal doodle characters. These are made by tearing up pieces of painted papers then looking for faces and people in them. Sticking them into postcard and adding paint and drawings to make the characters. These have been posted on Redbubble where they can be bought on mugs, phone cases and various other items.

A long with the drawing and painting, I’m still making Books the most basic being the leather Journals with a ribbon tie. The most popular being the “Dragon books”. 

Learnt some new skills a long the way. The most enjoyable was making book plates from recycled tin. In the new year I plan to make more.
The main event of my year was my daughters wedding.

Wedding photos by Ruth Lee 

 This has been a good year for the most part all though there has been sadness too. My best friend Ian Jones and my mother Barbara Corcoran sadly passed away this year. R.I.P I know you will be with me throughout the new year.
Thanks to all who have supported me all year and will see you all in the New Year.

Friday, 22 December 2017

...... a dragon is born.

Thought it was about time I made a short post to give a glimpse of the “birth” of a dragon book.

First stage

First layer of paint

 Front board done just final coat to do on the back

Only to put the text block in 

Finished and away to its new home in time for Christmas.

They can be made in any colour and can be made to order.