Monday, 23 April 2018

Dance first think later........

About 3 million years ago I was a morris dancer with a side call Wharfedale Wayzgoose. Now at the tender age of, hell I'm so old I forgot, have rejoin them. This time as a musician ( I use the word loosely) playing my Bass Ukulele. 
wharfedale wayzgoose, Upton, mrs death

That’s me on the left as “mrs death” and I was at that point “marrying” Jude to Graham with an edible ring.
The hat didn’t survive through the years so a complete new one is now in progress. The tabard faired better and I have used as much of the old one as I could.
wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard front, old,
This was how it looked when I dragged it out of the loft.
The badges and rags were all removed and cleaned. Then with the help of a friend (she sewed on a new goose) while I sewed on the rags.

wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard front, new,

wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard, back, new

Still some work to do on it, have a bag full of badges to use on the front. 

wharfedale wayzgoose, hat, new, w.i.p,

The hat still very much a work in progress. Have a collection of stuff that may or may not end up on it.

Watch this space will post more about Hat as it goes on. 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Design your own badge with page Books ............

Recently I invested in a badge making machine, the idea being to take to craft fairs and supliment my main stock.
Getting people to design and draw out a badge design then I would make them in to a badge for them to take away.
Badge, design your own, children, activity,

Above are some examples of what my grand children did for the stall poster.

Mother’s Day, badge, love mum

mothers day, best mum, badge, keyring
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lavender, badge, keyring. mirror
These were some designed for Mother’s Day. 

easter, badge, bunny, chick, eggs

These are what I came up with for Easter complete with evil chick!

badges, comics, beano,

Some badges I made from the “Beano” this was a comic my Grandad used to buy me every week but this is a modern issue.

cat, badge, keyring

This is the the first of my slogan badges.

pin, keyring, magnet, mirror

The different sizes and types of backings I can make. As well as pin backs I have mirrors, magnets and keyrings.

badge, personalised, childminder, rainbow, rabbit, mouse.

personalise badge, telephone number,

These ones are designed for parents and childminders for use when they take their children out in case they get lost. 

I’m open to any ideas as to what else I can use the badges for. Please contact me at