Monday, 18 January 2016

At home and out and about.

The first few teabag pictures have been abandoned and the theme has changed to landscape type paintings. Still going to be a mini book perhaps 10 teabags which would be 20 pictures I have done 5 up to now. Also have a larger project in the planning stage which also involves teabags ( I drink enough tea so thought I better recycle some 😉)
The first 5 pictures.
I have still been making some books only 2 these week though.
Sunday turned out to be the first snow of the winter although it was short lived near my house but I met a friend and we went on a photo walk in the Valley gardens in Harrogate and found some snow. 
Was the first time I had been out with my camera for sometime will have to make a point of going out more.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Hiding in my workshop

Sunday was the first day for a while I had chance to spend as much time as I liked in my workshop. A few weeks ago I dried out some tea bags and cut them to take the tea out, what was left was a double "page" joined with one end of the crimped paper. I tried ink on them but it tended to bleed a little so they were coated with a thin layer of clear gesso. This stopped the bleeding but because of the nature of the tea bag you can still see the image on the back. The empty tea bag reminded me of book signatures so that's what I intend to with them bind the as I would a book not decided on the cover style yet. 
Next job was to try out some ways of doing backgrounds that we were shown in #the journey within.
Various ways of putting colour on a page so the White page becomes less intimidating . Only tried 4 different ones . They are just first layers so will be building up from them .