Sunday, 22 October 2017

Life after the frock trauma.........

The last couple of months have been extra busy as I was helping with preparations for my daughters wedding. This found me making lots of favour boxes and a guest book. If I never see another favour box it will be too soon! As for the guest book that was a joy to make, just as well really as I’m committed to making a matching photo album.

That was the easy bit, then came the wedding and I had to wear a dress, first time my legs have seen the light of day for years. Worst yet had to wear a fasinator, things yer do for yer kids

Another memorable event was a workshop I attended. See the post before this. Unlike most of the other people in the class who created some bits of Jewery from old tins. I didn’t actually make anything but tried out all the different techniques on some pieces of tin. Loved it very soon tin will be finding its way on to book covers. Great material to work with.

Don’t look like much on there but .........

Quite a few craft fairs on the go as well so got my Christmas cards and tags ready for them. The biggest being the Boston Spa arts festival.

Have a couple of weeks now to get some more stock made for the next few fairs.