Monday, 23 April 2018

Dance first think later........

About 3 million years ago I was a morris dancer with a side call Wharfedale Wayzgoose. Now at the tender age of, hell I'm so old I forgot, have rejoin them. This time as a musician ( I use the word loosely) playing my Bass Ukulele. 
wharfedale wayzgoose, Upton, mrs death

That’s me on the left as “mrs death” and I was at that point “marrying” Jude to Graham with an edible ring.
The hat didn’t survive through the years so a complete new one is now in progress. The tabard faired better and I have used as much of the old one as I could.
wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard front, old,
This was how it looked when I dragged it out of the loft.
The badges and rags were all removed and cleaned. Then with the help of a friend (she sewed on a new goose) while I sewed on the rags.

wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard front, new,

wharfedale wayzgoose, tabard, back, new

Still some work to do on it, have a bag full of badges to use on the front. 

wharfedale wayzgoose, hat, new, w.i.p,

The hat still very much a work in progress. Have a collection of stuff that may or may not end up on it.

Watch this space will post more about Hat as it goes on. 

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