Sunday, 18 February 2018

A little slow this week.....

It’s been one of these weeks when I ve spent ages doing stuff but then not much to show for it. It was also half term and my day for looking after the grand kids was changed. The beginning of the week I was working on an order that I can’t show here yet until it has been delivered.  Then had a day with the kids. They were well behaved and we had fun but I was bloody knackered when I got home.
Then I spent some time at Henshaws and along with my sister Sara and friend Jayne drawing. Recently I had bought a large set of caran cache water colour pencils. In the past I had used them in a small way but had decided that I should make the most of this investment all be it that I had bought in the Black Friday sale. I watched a few videos and decided to have a go. This months nibblefest comp is all about African animals so to kill two birds with one stone thought I’d practise using that theme.

Was pleased with the results.
Still a lot to learn but had to put the drawing to one side as have a craft fair in a week and needed to start making some stock. This one is the Mother’s Day one so trying to gear stuff towards that.
The sets of note books I made. These are also in my Etsy store.
This is a work in progress lots to do to it, will post the finished items when done. Do you know what they are going to be?

Also a few badges made from a comic.I have some mother’s day badges to make up as well. A few key rings and magnets in the pipeline with my designs on. 
I’ll be back soon, watch this space.

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