Thursday, 22 March 2018

Oracle card challenge............

For the month of March, I took on the challenge of creating an Oracle deck from a prompt every day. For more details see  Kriston from

Here are some from this month so far 

Most of the cards are hand drawn with coloured pencils and then photographed and put into Procreate and arranged on a template of a card. Procreate doesn’t have text and my calligraphy skills leave a lot to be desired so I have been usingAffinity photo for the text this is an app that is new to me and I haven’t had the time to work it out yet which means I then export the text to an app call eraser. The text is then added to the template. I have then made another template of my drawing board and pencil to sit the cards in. When the whole deck is finished I’ll print it out. 

This is a time lapse video of all cards been made so far. The cards are made all in one file. This is my first time doing a time lapse video and I wasn’t careful about which way my iPad was and the last few are upside down 

This time lapse is the cards going on to the finished daily image 

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